These are some of the most common questions people ask me. If you have additional questions, email me: nestingspirits@gmail.com or use a contact form.

Will you illustrate my book?

Maybe. While I really love most of the ideas and stories you share with me, I can only take serious offers. Let me know what you have in mind (number of illustrations, number of pages, other important details, and your budget). I will get back to you with an answer or a quote within a few business days.

Can I commision a painting?

Yes, send me an inquiry. I make mostly small (up to A3 format) commisioned paintings using loose watercolor techniques and inks. Your inquiry should be based on a piece from my portfolio or my other work that you know from my Instagram account. I can put it in a wooden frame that goes nicely with the finished piece. The number of commission paintings I can do each month is limited, so be sure to contact me early.

What are your rates?

Everything depends on the complexity, number of illustrations, intended use. My original paintings are usually from 150$ to 450$. If you are interested in a freelance project, book illustration or a custom painting, contact me for a quote and include information about the preferred style, subject, the use, and your ideal budget.
 Please, don’t ask me whether I will work for free only to display your piece in my portfolio.

How do I buy an original painting?

I usually create small collections of paintings. I will upload them to my website a few times per year into section “Art” which you can find in the main menu. You can also visit an exhibition (check Workshops and Events) and buy your painting there. Join my email list and be the first to know about new paintings to buy.

Do you sell reproductions?

Yes. I want to provide only high-quality prints, so I only like to print them myself on a special smooth cotton paper. The prints I make are often mistaken for originals. I can get your print framed by my colleague, who makes beautiful wooden frames, but beware this delays the time of your delivery and increases the price. If you want a larger print for your wall, let me know (nestingspirits@gmail.com). Since my paintings are scanned in high-quality, they can be usually much bigger than originals, when printed, without losing out on quality.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, I do. Shipping is calculated at checkout based on package weight and distance. Some of the original paintings might have the price of international shipping already calculated in their price, so be sure to check the product description. Handling international packages is still a bit new for me, I have sent my art successfully to various countries within the EU. There might be border fees and handling fees which are out of my control. Your orders will be shipped a few work days after my confirmation, otherwise, you will be informed about the process.

Where can I take your classes?

You can join Skillshare and take my online illustration classes for beginners. You can also meet me in Prague or elsewhere in the Czech Republic, and learn how to work with watercolors in several ways (see Workshops and Events). You can also contact me if you want to arrange a unique painting workshop for you and your friends (however, I can’t travel very far for now, because of the kids). Sign up for the news to get information about following workshops, online classes, and creative retreats.

The Rights.

I have the right to make reproductions of any and all artwork I make unless you purchase a license in addition to purchasing the original. You may not reproduce the artwork in any way without my written permission. If you want to display my work on your website, you need to credit me and my website (www.sovahuova.com).

Will you draw a tattoo design for me?



It’s just not my thing. Most of my work is “wet on wet”, and therefore too loose to become a good tattoo.

Do you work digitally?

Sometimes. I can work in vectors and paint digitally, however, it’s not my favorite way to work. For book illustrations, I prefer working with traditional media with a few digital touches.

Where did you study art?

I could say that I’m a self-taught artist. I never went to any official art college, although I did graduate high school with an emphasis on Art and Art History. I studied it for many years in several ateliers and attended quite a big number of online classes. I have a degree in History of Religion, where I studied ancient European religions (Old Norse, Celtic, and Slavic), analytical psychology, anthropology, and folklore. I still love these disciplines, but I find being an artist much more satisfying than being a researcher.


I would love to work with bloggers and editors. Please contact me with what you have in mind! If you want to display my work on your blog, you need to credit me and link to my website (www.sovahuova.com) on a visible place next to my artwork.

Osobní předání v Praze?

Rozhodně! Navíc na tisky a drobnosti při osobním předání v Praze nabízím velmi zajímavé slevy (šetříme Paypal poplatky, balné, etc.), takže si klidně  vyberte produkty a domluvíme se emailem.