Animal Inktober is an (unofficial) Inktober drawing contest with a possibility of winning my book Inking Animals and my most favorite art tools and supplies for inking.

Inktober art challenge was originally started by Jake Parker. If you want to win a book, art tools, or you can’t make all 31 drawings, or you just enjoy drawing animals more than other things in the official prompt, try Animal Inktober this year. I have seven animals for you to draw: a whale, deer, wolf, owl, tiger, bear and a giraffe.

To be eligible, post at least 3 drawings or paintings of these animals on social media (Instagram or Facebook) and tag them #inkinganimals #animalinktober and @nestingspirits. If you are an active member of Skillshare, you can also post these as a project in the project gallery in my classes (“Inking Cute Animals” or “Whimsical Animals with Watercolors”). Don’t forget to share the first post with all the prompts!

You will have the possibility to choose your winners and vote for them at the beginning of November via IG, Skillshare, and Facebook.




I will be sharing videos with my own painting process during the whole month on my IG and Skillshare, so you can get some advice on inking. This challenge (as well as the book) is great for artists of all levels, so don’t be scared if you are beginners. It’s an opportunity for you to learn!


and my favorite art supplies for inking