Sova Hůová / Nesting Spirits


I’m an illustrator and traditional artist who creates dreamy art for geeky individuals who would love to include more magic in their lives. I try to connect people with their roots by painting images inspired by nature, folk-tales and tribal beliefs. After studying ancient mythologies and analytical psychology, I decided to express their creative potential in my paintings. I use various inks, watercolors, and other traditional media and techniques. My work is both, dreamy and expressive. I like to let the colors guide my final interpretations. Parts of my work tend to be more abstract. My goal is to open a less visited part of the spectator’s soul. My paintings have the ambition to bring curiosity about the stories behind them.
I love to work on windy, sunny days. Those are the days to connect with them, the ancient spirits, the depths of the soul. I also collect my inspiration in the mountains and the great outdoors all around Europe. I love the feeling, when I leave the campfire for a short walk in the meadow, the air crisp and filled with the smell of nearby forest and heather, the night full of stars. When I lie in the cold grass, watch the stars and get lost in them, I become aware of all the stories these silent guardians had seen, and I imagine all the beings and creatures they may turn into. Then I recognize the world’s complexity and magic, and the connection of soul and surrounding landscapes., All this I want to bring to you through my paintings. On the other hand, there is also a part of my work dedicated to children, those are whimsical, playful illustrations, but still engaging with the same ideas.
I have a tiny studio in our family house with a fruitful garden in Prague, where I raise my two kids with my husband. A big white dog also keeps us company. They all bring me plenty of inspiration. I wanted to give my kids an opportunity to join me and understand my work, so I chose to make art.    

Since 2017 I have been a member of an artistic and creative group called Brikoler. I also work as a creative educator and teach online classes on Skillshare. I teach art because I love to connect with other creative people. You can visit some of my in-person workshops in Prague, Czech Republic. Along with the other artists and creatives from Brikoler, you can join our adventurous creative retreats in Krušné hory (beautiful mountains in western Czechia). My first educative book Inking Animals was released in September 2018.

Special thanks for the videography to Tomáš Vovsík and Brikoler.