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September 2018




Book Illustration Studio: Inking Animals released!!



/ Vychází moje kniha s návody na kreslení a malování zvířátek (nejen) tuší – pokud máte zájem, můžete objednat z britského Amazonu



October 2018


ANIMAL INKTOBER – an unofficial Inktober challenge in drawing and painting animal illustrations – drawing contest for the book and art supplies – follow me on Skillshare and Instagram @nestingspirits to get all the info and share your illustrations with #inkinganimals and #animalinktobe



/ Soutěž o knihu Inking Animals a umělecké potřeby v rámci Inktoberu, zúčastněte se na Instagramu, Facebooku nebo Skillshare 


November 16th, 2018


Official book launch event in Prague where you can get also some art prints of my work and the book Inking Animals



/ Křest mojí knihy Inking Animals v Praze, Original Coffee na Betlémském náměstí – knihu bude možné zakoupit (ale je lépe si kopii rezervovat předem – a k mání bude i několik tematických reprodukcí.

December 6th and 8th, 2018

Workshops on monotype technique and creating snowy landscapes and Christmas stationery in Prague (also for kids)


A modern, interactive drawing guide to traditional illustration techniques

The book demonstrates how to use traditional inking techniques to create whimsical, original illustrations of your favorite animals. This dynamic guide is ideal for beginners, as well as traditional artists who want to explore pen and ink on a more playful level.

Sova instructs art enthusiasts in drawing, inking, and coloring techniques; explores abstraction for expressive artwork; and gives tips for digital touches—all with easy-to-follow instruction. Beginning with an introduction to tools and materials, artists will find helpful tips for working with inks, pens, and watercolor. Inking Animals features a wide range of creative and fun inking techniques and unique projects that are simple and engaging. Sova’s valuable tips and tricks, creative prompts, and exercises will encourage artists to experiment and play as they learn.


11 + 8 =

You can contact me for:


whimsical illustrations traditional in their appearance – to enhance books, posters, products (my work is characteristic for its loose use of watercolors, inks, collages, and occasionally even digital techniques)


licensing a piece from my portfolio


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my online art classes for beginners or in-person workshops where I share my art process


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